Are you Consuming or Creating? – If you are creating more, your life will change

How much time do you waste going down internet rabbit holes?

Sometimes I’ll look up from the crazy web of 20 browser tabs of links and different sites and wonder how the hell I got to that particular article.

Like im in wonderland.

How the hell did I even get into researching some obscure topic?

You need to be PHYSICALLY reminded to snap out of this internet black hole.

Consuming or Creating

One of the best ideas I’ve stumbled upon to remind me to snap out of the consuming addiction was the “CONSUMING or CREATING” Question.

I love it because it’s so straight to the point, and nudges you.

We are usually either consuming or creating at our computers, and mostly its tipped to consuming…

And sadly almost entirely consuming on phones…

Are we creating art? Creating something for business? Writing an article? Posting to social?


Are we reading someone else’s words? Looking at others pictures? Stalking someone else’s tweet?

Are we crafting something amazing, or are we stuck for over 10 years researching, reading, observing, stalking others work? Others lives? Never to make progress in our own?






One gentle reminder that I’ve come up with is the CONSUMING OR CREATING STICKY Note.

Write “Consuming or Creating” on a Sticky Note.

Set your coffee / tea / beer / kombucha / Soylent, or whatever the heck you drink on which side you are currently performing.

While writing this post, my mug is showing that IM CREATING.

This little nudge, acts as a great dose of willpower!

This little sticky note reminds me that I need to create more, I’ve consumed decades worth of information, time to give back to the world.


Whether that’s an amazing photo, story, app, business doc, proposal, short story or article that changes someone’s life even in the smallest bit for the better, as I hope this article helps someone out there who is struggling.

Remind yourself every SIP you take that you need to be creating more than you consume.

Every time you pick your mug up, you will be nudged and guilt-tripped into better behavior.

It’s the small simple things I feel that can have a profound impact on people.

Something as simple as a sticky note where you set your coffee can change your world.