Test Multiple Startup Ideas in Parallel!

Army of One EntrepreneurDaniel Tenner over at swombat.com wrote an amazing article about whats the best strategy to get a startup going that provides you with income to become “ramen profitable”. I agree with Daniel that with todays technology and the way you can test ideas very inexpensively, it is wise to test several of your best ideas at the same time, and see which ones gain any traction and devote more time to those.

If you want to maximise your chances of running a successful startup, where success is defined as achieving at least the “survival” level outlined in this article, and ideally the “comfort” level, it makes a lot more sense to invest your time in many ideas at the same time, test all of them (in parallel or one after the other) and then pursue the one or ones that are most promising.

I think we all should strive to be an ARMY OF ONE Entrepreneur and test multiple ideas in parrallel. Being a Solopreneur and being able to handle most every aspect of building a business yourself will greatly benefit you now and in the future.

Lets face it, the end goal is to get a business off the ground to cover your living expenses and save up enough to be financially independent. Testing several of your best ideas and seeing which ones have the most promise is better than trying pick just one that will make or break you.

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