Lots of Startup Ideas? First Learn to Code

startup learn to codelearn to code first. Jimmy Li over at jimmy-li.net does a wonderful job of giving you a road map that, within a few months of dedication, will get you a lot closer to building a startup.

Now if you want the startup to have a chance at being successful I recommend reading the lean Startup by Eric Reis. This book really pinpoints the essential steps you should take to test your startup idea.

Basically the Lean Startup can be “cliff-noted” as: take a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) = your idea as a bare bones product / site / app, then putting it in front of as many customers as you can, and then actually meeting face to face with them, document the feedback, make them pay for the product / service from day one, then iterate based on that feedback, to achieve product market fit. then scale. done. IPO, Billionaire..


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